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  Churche's Mansion
  150 Hospital Street
  CW5 5RY
  United Kingdom

Exterior of Churche's Mansion

The Front of Churche's Mansion at Night

More views of the Mansion, showing some of its rich history and wonderful architectural detail

Some of the Gilt Carved Figures Decorating the Corbels on the Front of the Mansion

The carved figures and symbols on the corbels, both to the front and rear of the Mansion, all had an important meaning and significance. The Salamander (shown below left) for example was reputed to be immune to fire. The symbol was therefore used for protection against fire (and perhaps there was more to their knowledge than mere superstition - the Mansion did survive the Great Fire of Nantwich is 1583 which destroyed most of the town).

Gilt Carved Figures of the Salamander (left), possibly a representation of the Devil (centre) and the Monkey (right)

Below are views of the front and rear of the Mansion in both summer and winter

The front and rear of the Mansion in summer                     The front and rear of the Mansion in winter

Architectural detail also commemorates more recent history. A gilt carved figure of Queen Elizabeth II was added in 1977, as celebrations of the Mansion's 400th anniversary coincided with the Queen's Silver Jubilee. Writing carved into oak beams records the restoration of some of the windows in 1953, the year of the Queen's Coronation.

         Gilt Carved Figure of Queen Elizabeth II                   Commemorative writing carved into Oak Beams in 1953

The front of Churche's Mansion is a wonderful sight, whether approached from the left (from Crewe and the M6 motorway), face on (from Chester) or from the right (the town centre)

Churche's Mansion as seen when approaching from the town centre


Now, let's have a look inside the Mansion today...

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